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Duradek Introduces Mountain Quartz and Legacy Cottonwood Vinyl Decking

From a press release issued by @Duradekspert on new decking colors…

Duradek introduces two new colors of vinyl decking for 2022 – Ultra Mountain Quartz and Ultra Legacy Cottonwood. These new colors meet the latest exterior design color trends for grey color palettes in two of Duradek’s most popular patterns.

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W. R. MEADOWS Announces Strategic Alliance with GEMITE®

W. R. MEADOWS Announces Strategic Alliance with GEMITE®

W. R. MEADOWS is proud to announce a strategic partnership with GEMITE PRODUCTS INC., a global provider of innovative construction chemicals. GEMITE manufactures unique waterproofing products, and W. R. MEADOWS is now the exclusive distributor for these products in the United States.
Learn more about the new products W. R. MEADOWS is introducing into the market:
For more information on any of these products, visit our website at or call your local W. R. MEADOWS branch office at 1-800-342-5976. Our experienced personnel can give you detailed information on the technical features of each product, as well as pricing information and availability.

Duradek Announces PLAZADEK for paver or duckboard overlay’s

***For Immediate Release***
June 15, 2010
Duradek Ultra Plazadek—
The ideal solution to waterproofing under pavers and duck boards
SURREY, BC (June 15th, 2010) – There seems to be a trend towards many of the higher priced houses using pavers or duck boards as the deck finish over living space. The walking surface provides the visual part but the real important work is done by the waterproof membrane. Duradek’s Ultra PLAZADEK is the ideal choice to protect the building owner’s investment.
Since 1974, Duradek PVC membranes have been used to waterproof decks, balconies and roof decks. Well over a hundred million square feet of Duradek has been installed all over North America and it has proven itself to be a durable, attractive and relatively maintenance free waterproofing system.
Duradek Ultra PLAZADEK is a “model” of Duradek Ultra designed specifically for a paver or duck board overlay.
What makes Duradek Ultra PLAZADEK different from the alternatives… PLAZADEK is installed by trained applicators, so you have the peace of mind knowing the installation is professionally done. PLAZADEK is an approved roofing membrane, so the structure below does not incur expensive water damage. PLAZADEK has a manufacturers 10 year warranty on waterproofing. PLAZADEK has many options for perimeter details, so you can choose the look of your finished project.
Duradek Ultra PLAZADEK is produced by Duradek, the original waterproofing sheet vinyl that has been solving unique waterproofing problems throughout North America for over 35 years. With the same roofing approvals, the same proven installation techniques, and the same network of professional and trained applicators, Duradek Ultra PLAZADEK is the ideal choice for a roofing approved waterproofing membrane.

New walkable cool roof introduced by Skyline Building Systems-

New walkable cool roof introduced by Skyline Building Systems-

Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) June 3, 2010 — Skyline Building Systems Inc., a manufacturer of walkable roofing and outdoor waterproof flooring, is proud to announce the arrival of its newest member, CoolStep, to the DecTec family of brands. According to Grant Lawton, Business Development Manager for DecTec Products, “CoolStep, which has been in development for the past three years, is a natural evolution of our exterior waterproof flooring and walkable roofing products. Given the recent trends in energy awareness and sustainability,” Lawton continues, “Consumers are demanding more and more from the products they incorporate into their homes, and that demand must be met by both Design Professionals and Manufacturers.” 

Bison Deck Supports is now Bison Innovative Products

Bison Deck Supports is now Bison Innovative Products
Bison Deck Supports is now Bison Innovative Products. Our new company name identifies what we do which is ‘innovate’ while our expertise still focuses on creating functional and beautiful commercial rooftop spaces.
Visit our new website at We invite you to learn more about Bison Innovative Products, find current specifications, product information, CAD, videos, ideas, CEU credits and more.
Bison is a leading brand in the rooftop decking industry. Fifteen years ago we introduced the concept of screw-to-adjust pedestals, which revolutionized mainstream rooftop decking systems in the U.S.


We are so pleased to be the subject of an article in our local papers Home & Garden section today. The Tribune, a paper serving San Luis Obispo County, has a columnist, Rebecca Juretic, that writes stories on local business, mixing information on the business with timely and critical advice on home and garden maintenance, painting, landscaping etc.

Well today’s article is on us! Thanks Rebecca for a great job and hitting the mark perfectly! As we preach, it’s cheaper to maintain than replace.

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