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DURADEK Decking Products Qualify for LEEDS Points

For Immediate Release – December 15, 2009 – Surrey, BC
Duradek is very pleased to announce that our products qualify for LEED points
LEED-certified buildings and products qualifying for LEED points are the hot topics in today’s environmentally-conscious climate.
Duradek is very pleased to be a GREEN leader in our industry and can qualify for LEED points for Heat Island Effect on Roofs as well as points for Regional Materials.
We already know that, despite the ongoing controversy surrounding PVC, the cradle to grave definition of ‘Green’ shows PVC products (and Duradek) in a much more favorable light than the alternative products.
          Duradek is lightweight, so less structural requirements are necessary to support it and less energy is consumed in transportation as compared to EPDM and concrete pavers.
          Duradek is a one-step application which compares favorably to the multiple application and re-application requirements of a liquid applied system, saving many job trips which in turn consumes much less energy.
          Duradek has a long life span, which means less on-going restoration requirement of the structure and less materials going into the landfill.
          Duradek has no chemicals that will leach into the ground at the end of life, unlike pressure treated wood.
To read more about Duradek being GREEN, please go to
Or call 1-866-591-5594 for more details
Jennifer Ogilvie
Marketing Manager
Duradek Ltd.

Toll Free: 866-591-5594   ext.240


New Article Is On The Way! DE Signs OFF on Rights to Edited Article

So here I am this morning, signing my publishers agreement with ????? (Hint, It’s a surprise) and we are on track with final edits/illustrations/pics to bring to the world a great article on installing a deck coating system…

Can’t wait til February!  Look for more news here later on… the meantime, may we suggest a couple of good magazines to buy/subscribe to?

Architects Contractor & Engineers Guide To Construction Costs Home Improvement Cost Guide

From Reuter’s-Chase Corporation Acquires C.I.M. Industries, Inc.

From Reuter’s Online Comes this Press Release about C.I.M. Industries, an industrial coatings manufacturer

Chase Corporation Acquires C.I.M. Industries, Inc.
Tue Sep 8, 2009 8:15am EDT

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BRIDGEWATER, Mass.–(Business Wire)–
Chase Corporation (NYSE Amex: CCF) announced that it has acquired 100% of the
capital stock of C.I.M. Industries, Inc. (“C.I.M.”), a
private company whose high performance coatings and membranes have been “keeping
liquids where they belong” for over 30 years. C.I.M. had revenues of $9.2
million in their most recently completed year ended December 31, 2008. The
purchase was funded through a combination of cash, bank financing and a note
payable to C.I.M. shareholders.

C.I.M. manufactures fluid applied liners and coatings for applications that
include; potable water, wastewater systems, chemical containment, waterproofing
decks and pavements, water features, and cooling towers. The C.I.M. line of
unique low – VOC polyurethanes offers unmatched performance in chemical
resistance and durability all while enabling extreme flexibility to provide a
resilient, elastomeric, immersion coating that is essential to protect new and
aging infrastructure.

With a primary focus on the water and wastewater industry, C.I.M. has the
preferred products that complement Chase Corporation`s product line of high
performance tapes and coatings. “C.I.M. is consistent with our growth strategy
of expanding our products and services to high reliability coatings
applications. Potable water and wastewater systems are critical to preserve a
vital resource that will continue to command investment well into the future,”
stated Peter R. Chase, CEO of Chase Corporation. Peter Chase added, “We expect
to add value to C.I.M. by leveraging our presence in key markets around the

Chase Corporation , founded in 1946, is a publicly traded
company (NYSE Amex: CCF) and a Global Manufacturer of Tapes, Laminates,
Sealants, and Coatings for high reliability applications.

Chase Corporation
Paula Myers, 508-279-1789 ext. 219
Shareholder & Investor Relations

Copyright Business Wire 2009

Freud Introduces the New Diablo Mixers for Superior Durability and Performance in the Construction Market

Calling all Deck Coating Contractors-check these tools out!

Press Release

Freud America, Inc., a premier manufacturer of superior cutting and power tools, has announced the launch of the Diablo Mixers for the construction market. The new Diablo Mixers are specifically designed to give users the safest, easiest, and most controlled way to mix solutions on construction sites. These Mixers provide the versatility to comfortably mix a variety of high and low viscosity solutions.

Mixers on the market today are typically half inch drills. These drills are not designed for mixing applications and thus provide poor ergonomics and limited control. Diablo’s new Mixers combine power with increased comfort and control for the best solution for mixing on a construction jobsite. The Diablo Mixers feature electronic cruise control which keeps paddle at constant RPM, soft-start which reduces start up torque, an electronic regulator to stop paddle rotation in event of overload, and an ergonomic steering wheel handle design to provide the user ultimate control and comfort in mixing applications.

“We are excited about providing the contractor market with a dedicated mixer which is durable, safe, and easy to use,” states Eric Baker, Director of Product Development – Power Tools of Freud America, Inc. “These mixers provide a demonstrable performance advantage over current solutions resulting in more efficient mixing, reduced user fatigue, and a more productive jobsite.”

The new Diablo Mixers are versatile for all types of mixing including concrete, stucco, leveling compounds, filing compounds, waterproofing compounds and more.

The Diablo Mixers are available in 7amp and 13 amp models and include unique features such as:

  • Electronic cruise control keeps paddle at constant RPM
  • Electronic regulator stops paddle rotation in event of overload
  • Speed control dial ensures mixing speed is set properly
  • Ergonomic steering wheel design provides ultimate control and comfort in mixing applications
  • Soft start reduces start up torque and reduces splashing of material
  • 2 speed gear box on the 13 amp model
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Mer-Krete Systems Launches Hydro Guard SP-1 Waterproofing Membrane


ANAHEIM, CA — ParexLahabra, the parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, LaHabra, El Rey Stucco, Teifs, Mer-Krete Systems and Mer-Ko, announced the launch of Mer-Krete Hydro Guard SP-1, a “Green” waterproofing membrane.

Hydro Guard SP-1, a rapid-drying thin, load bearing waterproof and crack isolation membrane, is composed of modified elastomeric co-polymers. With excellent elongation, adhesion and high strength properties, the product is light green when applied and develops to a emerald green when dry. Hydro Guard SP-1 provides a 100% waterproof membrane that limits the transfer of substrate cracks to the finished ceramic or stone tile surface. Hydro Guard SP-1 is installed in a liquid state and can be applied to practically any form or irregular shape forming a monolithic waterproof barrier.

“Hydro Guard SP-1 is a GREEN, low VOC, rapid drying waterproofing membrane developed to provide installers with application ease, LEED complaints, project versatility, and speed in both drying and flood testing”, said Mark Cooke, Brand Manager for Mer-Krete Systems. “Hydro Guard SP-1 is the only product you need to achieve waterproofing and crack isolation protection. You can save time, save cost and literally go Green.”

Hydro-Guard SP-1 is for use in commercial buildings, residential housing and other areas requiring positive waterproofing like pools, fountains, spas, hot tubs, kitchens, countertops, balconies, tub surrounds, shower stalls and pans, under terrazzo, quarry, ceramic and stone tile. This membrane can be installed over any sound substrate, vertically or horizontally, interior and exterior.

“There has been a lot of excitement for the launch of Hydro Guard SP-1”. remarked Tim McDonald, Vice President of Sales for Mer-Krete Systems. “We didn’t take out what made our products good. We added new technology that makes our products great!”

About Mer-Krete Systems
Mer-Krete Systems is a brand of ParexLahabra, Inc., the US based parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, La Habra, El Rey, Teifs, Surewall, Mer-Krete and Mer-Ko. Under these brands ParexLahabra, Inc. manufactures EIFS, stucco, acrylic finishes, tile-setting and waterproofing materials for the construction of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. The 2002, ISO 9001-2000 certification helped to substantiate ParexLahabra, Inc. as a leader in the building materials industry with over 150 years of combined experience in the US construction industry. For more information regarding Mer-Krete Systems or ParexLahabra, Inc. visit and respectively.

Tremco Announces Custom Colors for Their 351 Decking System

From Tremco comes this news release on custom colors for the Tremco decking system…

Kimberly E. Rotsky
Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing
Phone: 216/766-5679

Now…Custom Colors on Demand for Vulkem® 351 Pedestrian Topcoat
BEACHWOOD, Ohio, (June 2, 2009) – Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing (CS&W) introduces an industry first for deck coatings – Custom Colors on Demand for Vulkem® 351 Pedestrian Topcoat. With this new offering, lead times are dramatically shortened, restrictive minimums are eliminated, and customers are guaranteed color consistency from pail to pail.
Traditionally, special color deck coating orders were manufactured in large batches made up of resins, pigments and tints, and because of this the customer was required to order a 50-gallon minimum. Now, with Tremco’s new Custom Color-on-Demand program, a neutral base can be made and stored at the manufacturing plant, and quantities as small as a five-gallon pail can be color tinted at the time a customer places an order.
As a result, the product can be produced within five days (after color match approval), where the industry standard is three to four weeks.
With state-of-the art computer dispensing technology, having color consistency throughout the job has never been easier. A new sophisticated color dispensing system allows the neutral base to be color tinted with absolute precision to match color formulas that were developed in Tremco’s Color Laboratory. A technologically advanced color computer ensures the color accuracy of the dispenser and checks it to the approved standard provided by the customer. The color computer measures the overall color difference – Delta E, and can compute a paste formula adjustment for a batch that is out of color specification, ensuring that the difference in color from pail to pail is always a Delta E measurement less than 1. (A less than 1 measurement means any difference in color is virtually imperceptible to the human eye.)

“Being able to provide a special color of Vulkem 351 to our customers on demand and in smaller
quantities puts special color ordering for deck coatings in a whole new league,” Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing President Chuck Houk stated.
Jobs no longer need to be on the line due to delays waiting for material to arrive at the site or because of inconsistency in color from one pail to the next.
Contact your local Tremco Sales Representative for more information on Tremco’s Custom Colors on Demand for Vulkem 351 Pedestrian Topcoat.

Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing (CS&W) is a world-leading supplier of deck coatings, sealants, passive fire control systems, glazing systems, air barrier systems and below-grade waterproofing systems for the commercial construction and restoration industries. With experienced sales representatives in most major markets throughout the United States and Canada, Tremco CS&W is positioned to provide assistance for specification development, application-specific product selection, problem-solving and assistance on site. Tremco CS&W is part of Tremco Incorporated, an RPM International Inc. affiliate company employing over 3,500 people in dozens of locations around the world.