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TCNA – TCA Publications

If you waterproof decks for tile applications, you’d better have this in your library! Buy it today from Tile Council of America! No, sorry, we don’t get any referral fees or commissions. We bought this book and simply suggest you do to!

TCNA – TCA Publications: “The 2007 version of the TCA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation provides specification writers, architects, contractors and installers industry-consensus detailed drawings and installation specification guidelines for 101 installation methods. The specification guidelines for each method include recommended uses, limitations, requirements, materials, preparation by other trades, movement joints and installation specifications. It references American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test methods. The 2007 Handbook features: + More than 300 updates + Significant changes in deflection language + All changes are marked with an ’07’ graphic + Includes Floor Covering Cost Comparison”

SB-800 & Decks has been published in Residental Contractor Magazine

Our article, SB-800 & Decks has been just published in the Summer Issue of Residential Contractor Magazine, a nationally distributed trade journal geared towards small and medium sized building contractors!

The article has been edited a bit from it’s original length to reflect the audience reading the magazine-honing in on what builders and contractors need to be aware of in the deck waterproofing world.

While written for the California market, the basis for the article discusses the warranty’s written by a manufacturer or installer, which except for state specific warranty laws, will generally apply in every state.

Free subscritions to Residential Contractor magazine can be had by following their links on their website-we recommend that you take advantage of a free subscription today.

Follow the link provided to read the article and start your free subscription.