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Pacific Polymers

Pacific Polymers: “75 Million Dollar Home employs Pacific Polymers’ ELASTO-DECK 5000X2 SYSTEM PORTABELLO ESTATE: On the cliffs near Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar, it’s up for sale for a cool $75 million – the second highest asking price in the nation. The roof is over 22,000 sq. ft. and due to the unique design, the architect specified their Elasto-Deck 5000 X2 system, which carries a Class ‘A’ fire rating.”


Mer-Krete Systems/ Mer-Ko Materials a ParexLahabra company

Mer-Krete Systems/ Mer-Ko Materials a ParexLahabra company: “May 21, 2007 – We are pleased to announce that on May 31, 2007, Mer-Kote Products, Inc. will merge into it’s new parent company ParexLahabra, Inc. The merger is a further integration step following the recent acquisition of our business by ParexLahabra. – (Click Here for the full Press release) January 1, 2007 – ParexLahabra, Inc. Acquires Mer-Krete Systems/ Mer-Ko Materials ParexLahabra, Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of Mer-Krete Systems/ Mer-Ko Materials a Torrance, California-based manufacturer of the Mer-Krete Systems™ line of waterproofing and crack isolation membranes, thin-set mortars, grouts, underlayments, and decking products. (Click Here for the full Press release)” launches pay for advice web page.

I am getting so many requests for advice from all over the US, searching for help with their projects. Our web site is a resounding success, receiving thousands of hits per month and averaging over 2000 visitors per month. An average of 40-55% of our visitors are adding us to their “Favorites” bar to find us again easily.

With so many vistors, the questions seeking advice, information and help is increasing as well. I like helping you out, hearing the different issues and while it’s fun to write back with answers and advice, it also takes a lot of time.

With some research and then time spent formulating an answer, it usually takes about 20-30 minutes time. As someone once said, “Time is Money”. Well the Deck Expert needs to eat to folks and so we’ve launched a new page where readers who need advice can write to us with their questions and email us pictures so we can dispense advice.

I’m only charging $25.00 for email opinions, pretty inexpensive compared to making a costly mistake that becomes a leak or needing to be torn out and redone.

Save yourself some headaches and make a small investment for some good advice. It might be the best $25.00 you spent.

Should all deck coating systems installed in California be required to be "One Hour Fire Rated"?

Homes built in California today have many ways to resist fire-tile roofs, stucco exteriors, steel railings instead of wood, etc.

With the massive wild fires fires that California is experiencing, shouldn’t our deck’s be protected with coatings that have “One Hour” Fire ratings too? Fires are everywhere-Griffith Park in Los Angeles, the Zaca Fire, last years San Diego wildfires, Tahoe, the list goes on…

It’s my philosphy that decks over living spaces are essentially roofs first, and decks to walk on second. Roofs are required to be fire rated and newly installed replacement roofs must be too.

However, in the case of decks, many decks that are being coated/waterproofed on new and rehab work are not receiving fire rated coatings-despite call outs on plans and specifications.

Should California pass a law requiring the installation of only one hour fire rated deck coatings? It would seem to make sense.

Your comments?

A Big Welcome to our new author!’s blog is pleased to announce the addition of David DiBaggio of Masterseal, Inc. as one of our authors who will be contributing to our Blog from time to time.

Dave is a certified Crossfield/Dex-O-Tex applicator. Dave has been a sales representative for Crossfield, as well as Excellent Coatings of Vista CA and most recently as the Southern California area representative for Hill Brothers Chemical Companies Desert Brand Flooring & Decking division.

Dave’s expertise in the field of waterproof decking has helped countless contractors (including myself!) solve their clients problems in the past. Now as President of Masterseal, Dave brings unparalled experience to his clients in the Orange County area for waterproof decking, stamping, epoxies and more.

We look forward to bringing you Dave’s observations and thoughts as one of our authors!

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Have an opinion on deck coatings? A problem with a deck? A complaint? Whatever, we want to hear from you on what you’d like discussed as subjects on this blog.

Make your comments and we’ll address them as fast as we can…

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