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Property Management Company KNEW DECK WAS FLAWED, DID NOTHING! Students Injured as a Result Get 1.6 Million Settlement.

Dry-rotted Framing Where Deck Attached to Building.                                                                            Photo courtesy of Robert Clayton Attorney

Wolfe & Associates Property Management Co paid a settlement of $1,600,000.00 to students injured when a deck they were on or under collapsed at a party during Deltopia in Santa Barbara CA. The reason Wolfe paid this settlement in my opinion? They knew the deck was flawed after getting a termite report that called out dry-rot, fungus and loose materials on the deck, yet they opted to do nothing.

Let me say it again, they opted to do nothing, no repairs, no notice to the occupants, nothing. They deliberately and IMO maliciously decided to not repair the deck. What scum does that? This goes towards proving my theory that property managers and management companies won’t fix something until someone dies!

Read the story here and read the termite report that led to the settlement. Similar to Berkeley, one of the POS defense lawyers wanted to blame the victims, saying there were to many people on the deck. Excuse me, but f you lawyer. It was your clients fault and you know it.

Lets hope that this case and the upcoming Berkeley lawsuit will teach these management companies a costly lesson. Hell it’s only money, soaked in blood.


American Society of Home Inspectors Publishes Draft Document-Standard of Professional Practice for Deck Inspections-Wants Your Input


ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors, has posted a draft standard for deck inspections on their website and is seeking input from it’s members and non members alike.

From ASHI’s website- ”

The Standards Committee is accepting comments about the proposed ASHI Standard of Professional Practice for Residential Deck Inspections. The committee encourages members to read this proposed standard and provide comments to the committee. Please direct comments and questions to Bruce Barker at The comment period ends on 30 November 2016.
Click the link below to read the draft document.


The objective of this proposed standard is to provide the public with a valuable additional service that can improve deck safety. The intent of this standard is that members will provide this service to homeowners who want a thorough inspection of their deck using the most current deck construction guidelines.Date : 10/11/2016

Sign the petition

I’ll let a mom of one of the Berkeley balcony collapse victims speak- follow the link and sign the petition. This must never happen again! 

Berkeley Balcony Collapse Victims 

Please help by signing (see link below)and sending to 10 friends in your contacts who will help by signing and sharing.

Jackie & George Donohoe are reaching out with the hope to gain support for their petition and to ensure that SB 465 Passes.

My name is Jackie Donohoe and my life was changed forever a year ago when I lost my daughter, Ashley and my niece Olivia when a balcony they were standing on collapsed in Berkeley, California and they and four other students fell to their deaths.

The California Senate has unanimously passed a bill which should “bring more oversight to the construction contractors’ industry.” Construction firms will have to release their public safety records and report any work related crimes to the Contractors State License Board. In addition, we hope that this bill will ultimately force contractors who build defectives structures to publicly disclose their settlements. Secret settlements only help contractors hide their negligent conduct.

The next step is the Senate Bill 465 will now go to the State Governor Brown for consideration. Brown has until Sept. 30 to sign or veto bills. Brown will consider 789 bills this month.

This could have been prevented.  We are now one step closer to the action that could help prevent this tragedy but WE ARE NOT DONE YET.

To ensure that this kind of tragedy never happens again. We need to make sure this legislation passes. Please, I am urging you to please view, share, sign,

Please  spread the word to support my petition and help ensure that SB 465 passes.

Thank you,


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