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Fall Issue of WATERPROOF Magazine is Out

The fall issue of WATERPROOF magazine is out and on the streets…get yours now by subscribing today or read it online at

Underslab radon barriers, selecting roof systems based on roof pitch and more are all within awaiting your eyeballs. 

New Issue of Waterproof! Magazine is Up on The Web and Out on The Streets

The new issue of Waterproof Magazine is in your mailbox if your a subscriber…or click to read it at Waterproof Magazine’s website…

New Issue of Waterproof! Magazine is Up on The Web and Out on The Streets

Summer 2010

Waterproof Magazine Fall 2008 Issue

Water Barriers to Withstand Shotcrete:
Shotcrete is a popular choice for tunnels, deep foundations, and other blindside work. But getting waterproofing that’s tough enough to stand up to the abuse is a top priority.

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Sump Pumps for the Commercial Market
The larger volumes of water, higher head pressures, and complex dewatering systems involved in commercial work make selecting the right pump for the job more difficult.

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Black or White: Roofing Color as an Energy Strategy
While black roofing membranes usually do a great job keeping water out, they may also contribute to higher energy costs and the “urban heat island effect.” The solution may be a simple black-and-white decision.
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We are excited to have Waterproof! Magazine joining us in the quest to bring education, information and advice to our audience.

I love their magazine and look forward each quarter to seeing new articles on the subject of waterproofing. I subscribe and so should you!

WATERPROOF! Magazine’s Winter 2010 issue hits the Streets!

Green roofs are all the rage right now…but how the heck do you find a leak in one without tearing out the vegatation? Waterproof! Magazine has an article with the answers on their first issue of 2010 with
“Rooftop Leak Detection”
Comparing the various methods of leak detection, water testing, infrared, high voltage etc, this article will help you decide which method to use if your vegatted roof deck is leaking.
Full of other waterproofing news, announcements and information on the sport of waterproofing, you should subscribe! Deck Expert does to ensure he’s getting the latest and greatest news and info.
Be sure to check out Waterproof! Magazine today…click here to go to their new issue.

New Issue of WATERPROOF! Magazine Hits The Streets

The fall issue of WATERPROOF! Magazine hit my mailbox this weekend; this issue is chock full of information. The article on “Green Decks” is especially good, many people are interested in having a green roof and this article tells you what you need to do to do it right…

Another article on Advances in Coatings, is about the new generation of spray applied waterproofing coatings that are available.

News, tradeshow information, below grade repair strategies, all are covered in the latest issue.

I recommend that you subscribe today and never miss an issue. (FCC Disclosure-I do not receive any free stuff from Waterproof! Magazine, nary a free subscription or anything…nada.