Vinyl Decking

Duradek™, the original vinyl decking provides

  • A single product solution for permanent waterproof protection
  • An industry leading warranty that gives real protection to the homeowner
  • Installation by ONLY trained and authorized installers
  • An attractive, low-maintenance deck surface in a range of patterns and colors for long-lasting protection from the elements
  • The perfect solution for elevated decks to provide a dry area below or for flat roof decks over living space.
Vinyl Deck Installation

With a vinyl deck surface, your deck maintenance is virtually non-existent. However, to keep your deck looking its best and to ensure the homeowner responsibilities from your warranty are practiced, there are just two things you have to do…

1 – Seasonal cleaning
2 – Annual inspection

Vinyl Deck Maintenance – General Cleaning

To look its best, your vinyl deck should be cleaned 4 times per year using the Duradek Vinyl Cleaner. This environmentally safe cleaner is available from your authorized Duradek Dealer or from Duradek Headquarters. It is designed specifically for vinyl and will NOT leave harmful chemical residue like many household cleaners may.

Simply follow the directions on the label. Start with warm water and a stiff broom, scrubbing in a circular motion to loosen the dirt. Then spray with a garden hose (under pressure) to wash away the loose dirt. You may also use a pressure washer with a setting of no more than 1500 psi (max) and hold the nozzle 12 inches from the surface. Be careful to avoid seams, railing attachments, caulking or house trims.

Finally, flush thoroughly with clean water. This is a very important step of deck maintenance as you do not want any remaining residue on the deck surface. The sunshine can cause a reaction with cleaning agents on your vinyl deck surface so it is important to rinse your deck thoroughly of all cleaner residue.

If acid rain or airbourne pollution is a problem in your area, you may want to clean your deck more frequently. 

Vinyl Deck Maintenance – Inspection

The only other deck maintenance for Duradek vinyl decks is your annual inspection. It is the home owner’s responsibility to inspect the caulking used to seal around posts, pillars, corners, vents and drains.

Over time, the structure to which the vinyl sheeting is applied can crack, shrink or shift which can break the caulking seal. A yearly inspection will uncover such a problem and your Duradek contractor can recommend or supply the proper sealant to correct it.

Vinyl Deck Maintenance – Protection

To protect Duradek vinyl deck surfaces from scuffs or excessive wear, use non-rubber backed* mats (polypropylene ok) at doorways, stair landings or major traffic thoroughfares. Select mats that are heavy enough not to blow away. Stair nosings will protect the vinyl for use on high traffic stairwells.

Avoid dragging heavy or sharp edged objects on the vinyl surface as that can cause scuffs or tears and must be protected against.

* Rubber based products are not compatible with PVC.

Vinyl Deck Maintenance – Winter Considerations

Duradek easily withstands even the harshest winter conditions and common methods of snow and ice removal. It is fine to use a snow shovel, just be sure it is a plastic edged shovel – not a metal edge. It is also safe to use de-icing agents such as kitty litter (gravel style), rock salt or other snow-melting chemicals. Just be sure to clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water and rinse very thoroughly before the spring sun arrives which can ‘bake’ any remaining chemical residue into the Duradek membrane.

A Warranty with 3 Levels of Protection

Duradek is the only manufacturer to date that offers an openly available, written, three-tiered vinyl deck warranty.

1 – Manufacturer’s Waterproofing Warranty

Duradek’s waterproofing warranty protects the home owner from any leaks resulting from a manufacturing defect for a duration of 10 years from the date of installation. Duradek’s vinyl deck warranty guarantees to repair or replace any portion of the Duradek “Ultra” 60 mil vinyl during that time frame. Typically, a ‘Manufacturer’s defect causing leak’ would likely be discovered within a year (after it has passed through all seasons), so a 10-year warranty offers more than enough consumer protection.

2 – Appearance Warranty

Duradek is the only vinyl decking company to offer a written Appearance Warranty for up to 5-years. If there is excessive discoloration over and above natural aging, Duradek protects the home owner with product and replacement considerations.

3 – Workmanship Warranty

If an area on the deck needs to be redone due to an installation error, this would likely be covered by the workmanship warranty. Duradek’s authorized dealers assign the portion of the workmanship warranty individually, typically ranging from 2 years to a lifetime guarantee. This provides assurance to the home owner that the product has been installed with professional waterproofing details and there will be no leaks as a result of poor installation.

Duradek Warranties

Duradek guarantees to repair or replace any portion of the Duradek “Ultra” 60 mil vinyl decking membrane which leaks as a result of a manufacturing defect within ten years from the date of its installation.

60 mil Vinyl Deck Warranties

10-year vinyl deck warranty sample

Duradek Ultra 10-Year Industry-Leading Warranty
Click to read the Duradek Ultra 10-year warranty


10-year vinyl deck warranty sample

Duradek Ultra Okanagan 10-Year Warranty
Click to read the Duradek Ultra Okanagan 10-year warranty


45 mil Vinyl Deck Warranties

5-year vinyl deck warranty sample

Duradek 5-Year Warranty
Click to read the Duradek 5-year warranty


5-year vinyl deck warranty sample

Duradek Okanagan 5-Year Warranty
Click to read the Duradek Okanagan 5-year warranty


When comparing vinyl decking products…

It is always a good idea to compare warranties when comparing building products. Be sure to select vinyl decking that comes with a warranty that covers appearance as well as performance.

To see why this is important, learn about the History of PVC Clear Coats, why Duradek does not use them, and why all vinyl is not created equal.

To help your builder prepare your deck substrate surface for Duradek waterproof vinyl, please pass along this important information:

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