Life Deck by Life Paint



Life Paint has been selling waterproof deck systems for more than 30 years. Their employees have a vast experience in specifying, trouble shooting, application, and training. Their systems cover millions of square feet and stand the test of time for decades. Their proof system for your deck or roof deck, Life Paint’s Life Deck systems are not only price competitive but, also competitive in the highest quality of marketplaces.

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AL Walking Deck System


ICC-ES Evaluation Report

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Life Deck AL by Life Paint ICC Report

Read the marked up copy we made for you to find important details on the ICC report. Before building or buying, have the right knowledge. life deck al 2701

CSI Specifications

AL Specifications

AMAC Professional Deck System Specifications

Flashing Installation Guide/Instructions

Door Pans, Deck to Wall Drip Ege Flashing Drain & Scupper Details

Deck To Wall Flashing Detail

Deck Sealer 10 Series Specifications

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