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Why Westcoat?

With over 30 years of industry experience, Westcoat offers innovative, durable surface solutions for the discriminating architect, contractor, specifier, or property owner.

Take the guesswork out of selecting and applying coatings with Westcoat’s simplified solution for every type of coating application. Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems —an all-inclusive line of step-by-step coating products— make selecting the right process for every job even easier. Engineered to achieve superior results, Westcoat delivers numerous protective, textured and decorative options for a variety of applications.

Westcoat is for professional use only. Contact them directly or check our applicator page for an applicator near you.

Become a Westcoat applicator apply here  Learn to install deck coating systems with Deck Expert Bill Leys-learn more about my training system click here.

Westcoat ALX System 


Waterproofing System

The ALX system integrates the finest acrylic resins and cement blends into a reinforced, galvanized metal lath and eliminates plywood seams.

– ICC Evaluated ESR-2201
– Meets Class A Fire Test ASTM E-108
– Meets One-Hour Fire Rating ASTM E-119

  •  ALX System Brochure
  • Pro System Specs   A DeckExpert.com Recommended System
  • ALX Custom Specs Deckexpert.com suggests the pro system system be installed first before installing custom finishes.
  • ALX Standard Specs
  • ALX CSI Specs
  • ALX Under Tile Specs DeckExpert.com suggests that all tile deck systems have a subsurface drain membrane such as Schluter Troba beninstalled over the waterproofing, then applying tile on top of the drain system. Water WILL get under tile/grout and needs a way to escape. Design requirements for tile decks are much greater than for conventional decks. See our tile deck waterproofing page here for more information.
  • ALX Training Video

 Color Charts  

Liquid Colorant   Top Coats Waterbased Stains

Architectural Drawings

NOTE ON RAILINGS-All railing systems must be designed and attached to resist 250#’s against them. Consult the IRC, UBC & CA Building Codes before installing railings. Remember, railings prevent people from falling and must be carefully installed so water intrusion does not occur.

  • » Material Cost Template
» ALX Gallery  See examples of the many different finishes available.

» LARR Report» Los Angeles Research Report

Below is a marked up copy of the Westcoat ALX ICC-ES report where we point out the important details contained in the report. Be sure to read the latest reports at ICC-ES website here at this link. Westcoat ALX 2201

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Westcoat ICC report


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