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Welcome to our idea center. Whether you’re looking for a new deck, railing, furniture, lighting or accessories, we have ideas for you here.

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Decorative Deck Finishes

Forget boring wood and composite decks with “patterns”. The coolest decks around now are walking deck systems made with concrete, vinyl and acrylics. See what walking decks look like and you’ll quickly realize it’s no contest vs those other decks…

Colorful unique stone finish.
Let your imagination go and decorate your deck with unique looks and colors!



Railings come in all types, colors, metals, glass, cable, wood…find inspiration on our page for your railing system. Just make sure to meet all codes and requirements. Form over function is not ok when it comes to safety!

Stainless by Atlantis Rail Systems 800-541-6829
Find your new railing system here in our gallery.



Decks are made for relaxing on and with the right furniture, relaxation is assured. Find the design, color or style of tables, dining sets, loungers and more in our furniture idea center.

Find ideas for deck and patio furnishings here!
Find ideas for deck and patio furnishings here!



What deck isn’t complete without some ambient lighting in the evening hours?

Make your deck safe and make it cool with specialized lighting that’s low voltage. Always consult local electrical code requirements before installing permanent lighting.



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