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I Did That

No grifters will be tolerated by myself in my industry of Balcony Inspections under Civil Code 5551 SB 326. I received a copy of a deck inspection report for an HOA that was apparently illegally and fraudulently signed by a Civil Engineer.

Raffi Abkarian is a Civil Engineer who I’ve accused of signing the report. If you are an HOA in the Orange County, LA County, San Diego or Coachella Valley areas, and got a balcony inspection by Deck Inspectors Inc check the signature on your report.

If it was signed by Raffi Abkarian it is fraudulent! Civil engineers cannot inspect or stamp/sign balcony reports. Complain at once to the Board of Professional Engineers and sue Deck Inspectors Inc for fraud, theft of funds and whatever else your attorney can think of.

The owner of Deck Inspectors Inc is the lowest of the low and is only out to steal your money. I know, because I’ve been investigating this bastard for years now and it just keeps getting worse. There’s a reason he’s sued me for a million dollars, to shut me up so he can keep on thieving.

I, William Leys, will not allow grifters to walk freely in my industry. I will hunt you down and expose your grifts and thefts.
Check your Deck Inspectors Inc report for this signature. Raffi is a civil engineer, not a structural. Raffi is a piece of shit and so is David Mazor. Justice is coming and she is pissed.

Need more info? www wicrleaks.com or get in touch with me here.