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We’re Growing Again! Two New Page’s Added to Our Site!

We’ve added two new pages to our site recently!

Our first new page is a collaboration with North America Deck & Railing Association  and it allows visitors to DeckExpert.com to find deck inspectors that have passed NADRA’s Deck Inspection Training. You’ll go to NADRA’s page when you click on their links.

Click here to find a deck inspector in the US & Canada. 



The second page we’ve recently added is for online web based courses on decks NADRA has an agreement with the Building Code College for you to either audit four courses on deck building, or to sign up and become a certified decking expert. The first version is free and we encourage everyone to audit the courses, Glen Mathewson, a recognized deck expert on building codes, wrote most if not all of the material. If you build/frame decks, this knowledge is very important. Take the time to take advantage of these educational opportunities and lets work towards making decks as safe as they can be.

Click here to start your way to becoming code proficient.



HOA Shirking It’s Responsibilities? A Reader Writes Us.

ask the deck expert
Ask the Deck Expert for advice on your deck issues.

Arin in Santa Cruz has a deck problem-

The deck in question is 2nd story solid material with a drain partially over the 1st floor living room. I have owned the home for 3 years and our HOA has recently determined that deck maintenance and repair is a homeowner responsibility, not included in the HOA’s responsibility to repair and replace the roof (due to happen this summer). The deck does not drain properly, there is standing water/pooling during and after rain which this winter has been almost constant. I often resort to sweeping the deck with a broom to push the water into the drain. Although I have not yet seen any actual leaking, I am currently repairing other major water damage inside my home and have become very obsessed with preventing potential problems. I know the standing water on this deck is going to cause a problem at some point and I would really like to improve the drainage, but cost is a major issue.

Our Answer- Continue reading HOA Shirking It’s Responsibilities? A Reader Writes Us.

Westcoat Announces Spring Dates for Product Demonstrations

Division 7 Walking deck manufacturer Westcoat Specialty Coatings announced a series of spring dates for product demonstrations of their various decking & interior flooring lines. These demonstrations show prospective contractors about the systems, the basics of installing them and get them interested in becoming applicators. Demo’s in the Washington & Oregon areas, along with Hawaii, California and Texas will occur in the next months-check out the schedule below and click to RSVP to one near you.

If you want to get trained on the ALX system one on one with on the job training, contact us for a quote. The cost of doing it wrong far exceeds the cost of learning to do it right. I include my training manual, checklists for inspecting decks before and during, forms to use in your work to CYA and more. Experience matters, learn from the best, using Westcoat products and start making more in 2017!


April 12th at Sealant Specialists
ALX Plywood Waterproofing System and TEMPER-CRETE Urethane Cement


April 14th Sealant Specialists
ALX Plywood Waterproofing System and TEMPER-CRETE Urethane Cement



April 20th CanDo Supply
Waterproofing Systems 8:30am – 12:00[m


Epoxy Systems 12:00pm – 3:00pm



April 27th Lowry’s Placentia
Waterproofing Demo Featuring ALX and MACoat



TAA Lone Star Expo April 27-28 – Ft. Worth Convention Center


PCBC June 28 & 29 – San Diego – Booth 624