DeWalt’s Trade/Code/Exam and Certification Series of Books Are a Great Tool!

A couple months ago I got an email from Bobby Person at VCengage Learning. They are the published of DeWalt’s series of books-on Building Codes, Electrical Codes, etc.Construction Reference guides, exam guides etc. are all covered.
Cengage was looking for someone to write a book on building decks, which they thought I might be qualified and interested…sad to say I’m not a deck builder but as I posted a blog on the search, Bobby was good enough to mail me a couple of books to look at.

I asked for the Building Code Reference

and the Construction Professional Reference book

and got them shortly after our email exchange.
Reading through these 2 books, I am left with a very good impression…I especially like the Building Code Reference book, it’s wire bound binding and heavy glossy pages look like they’ll take a lot of abuse and use in the field which is where they should be used!

Take a look at the whole series, maybe one of their many available titles would interest you…here are a few I thought would be of interest. Disclosure-I received 2 books free from Dewalk/Cengage. No other compensation is expected.